Measuring Paper Roll Sizes

When you make a decision to purchase paper rolls, the first thing you need to do is confirm the paper roll size.

There are 3 parameters you will need to confirm :

  • Width: that’s the paper roll width, it is usually up to your cash register width. For example, Epson usually uses a 80mm width, while Verifone uses 57mm. Check our your machine or consult with the machine after-sale service staff or users manual, they will tell you the appropriate size fit for your machine
  • Diameter: It is usually up to the machine hole depth. For Epson machines it is usually 80mm deep, while for Verifone it is usually 40mm or 50mm deep.
  • Core : For some machines  there are handles fixed inside the machine. The handle outer size determines the core inside size. Normally its the same all over the world. It is usually 12.7mm ( 1/2” )

Once taking these 3 measurements you can tell us the size you need. For example for 80mm x 76mm x 12.7mm, means the width is 80mm, the diameter is 76mm, and the core is 12.7mm. Another example, for 57mm x 50mmm x 16mm, the width is 57mm, the diameter is 50mm, and the core is 16mm. This kind of description is often used in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

In the US, Americans use inches & feet. Such as 3 1/8” x 220′ x 7/16” means the paper width is 3 1/8” (80mm ), the paper length is 230′ ( 70m), and the core is 7/16” ( 12.7mm ).

POS roll sizes are described as : Width x Diameter x Core  or  Width x Length x Core.

Once the sizes are confirmed, you can go ahead and ask us for a Custom Quote