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Qixu Paper offers paper rolls and POS Paper supplies for any retail POS system. In addition to our  paper, we also offers a variety of products and accessories aimed at increasing your sales, improving productivity, and adding security.

We only sell premium grade paper rolls that extend print head life and offer image quality second to none. Specialty & custom paper rolls such as 2-color thermal paper rolls, pre-printed rolls with logos or return policies & colored thermal paper rolls are also available.

We carry a complete line of paper rolls and paper supplies for every POS printer and Credit Card printer on the market in the Retail industry.

Our technical cleaning card products support your preventative maintenance program. The not-so-hidden costs of neglect include lost production, customer dissatisfaction, frequent service calls, and premature equipment replacement. With pre-saturated cleaning products, it couldn't be easier for busy operators to keep up with your company’s schedule maintenance program.  We offers a complete line of card reader cleaning cards, thermal printer cleaning cards and check reader cleaning cards to keep your equipment running efficiently.

Shoplifting, counterfeit payments and fraudulent returns will cost the retail industry billions, yet most retailers can begin reducing their losses with their next POS supplies order.  We extensive line of products for loss prevention are proven, reliable, cost-effective solutions to help retailers deter all kinds of crime: shoplifting, fraudulent returns, as well as counterfeit currency, credit cards, receipts and other documents of value.  Our loss prevention solutions including, counterfeit money detectors, uv counterfeit detectors, counterfeit detector pens and others,  can be used with a wide variety of items, making it possible to avoid counterfeit payments and to provide security for just about any product.

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